The Entirely Amazing Cantabile 3!

I just wanted to insert a little bit of a surprising statistic as a testament to the stability of this software.

I have a bunch of “Test Stuff Out” songs. They have several plugins apiece, with state changes aplenty. I have been kind-of just loading these into the same single set list over time, and its “memory footprint” has grown a bit.

That is to say, it currently loads in 177 plugins - that is nearly 8-gigs of stuff all running in the background sitting securely in memory (as I have the pre-load feature engaged for some mad reason), and it runs as stable as can be – for days sometimes!

I simply cannot crash this software. Pretty remarkable, says I.



Hey @terrybritton

Wow that’s great to hear!

Are you telling me that all those hours and hours of reviewing crash reports might have actually paid off? (I really do spend a ton of time on these)




That is indeed what I am inferring, yes. :wink:


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Just curious, how long does it take to load all those plugins @terrybritton?

  • Paul

Just had a quick look at my set list:
61 plugins, 6.8gig ram (system total is 8)
running at 96 samples, 44.1khz

And with that load, last Wednesday I tracked 14 channels (8 inputs and 6 from C3) of audio whilst playing my parts all in C3.
Not a hitch and the band members were very impressed I could drop a metronome down their cans without it being recorded too.

It truly is amazing software.


@Neil - nice! Good to hear. :slight_smile:

It does take eight minutes (not recommended for live performances without a backup PC!), but once it is all loaded in it switches songs and states entirely smoothly, as everything is in memory at that point. Like I said, I have had this sitting open for days and days sometimes without a hiccup.

The only reason it takes eight minutes is due to the fact that I have several VST’s that are huge and take up most of the time (Arturia stuff and Komplete Kontrol hosted items).

Once past those, it only takes 3-4 minutes to load everything else.


Heh - just found this “blast from the past” from 2016 had won a “Good Share” badge today!

Cantabile is still just as stable today - if not more so - yet I do not load it up with 8 gigs of VST’s these days! :slight_smile:



Not wanting to rain on the parade, but wouldn’t some of the VST-handling ability be down to the PC/Mac spec? Nevertheless I have a fairly low spec laptop (i5, 1.0GHz, 8GBits RAM) and I load up to 18 VSTs on one occasion, and Cantabile has only rarely let me down. Sometimes i have the odd hanging note, but that is about all. Apart from one VST, SynthMaster Player. For some reason, running it on its own I still haven’t managed to try all the presets without it all crashing. This is down to the VST, not Cantabile, so it is in my list of jobs to do as a “Remove Programme”!!!

I love Cantabile. Incidentally, for live work “preload” is a great feature. But is it possible to unload a particularly resource-hungry VST once it is finished with for that set? I use Luftrum’s Lunaris which is very hungry, so would like to offlaod it as soon as I have done with it.

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Back in 2016 I had a fairly low-spec AMD driven HP Edge, though I might have just gotten the Intel i7 4790 CPU machine by then.

As to unloading a VST, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find there is a binding that will unload a VST, on state change for instance.

I’ll hunt around a bit later today.


Hi Terry, I enjoyed the reawakening of this thread, thanks.

It’s already available for C4 performer users, you can take the hungry song with it’s plugins and using this new feature you can exclude it from preloading. It’s only been out a short while as part of the 4000 series stream of improvements.


I think the desire is to preload it and then unload it upon changing to the next state.


Oh, my bad, I misunderstood. :slightly_smiling_face:

I got called away and will have to look at that tomorrow morning. BUT, if @dave_dore didn’t know of a solution just off the top of his head (!) then maybe this will have to be a feature request!


Well, there is a way to unload a plugin on a state change.

state one loaded

state 2 unloaded

You have to use the context menu to unload the plugin but it gets remembered.


You have to have the run/bypass state behavior checked. Is this what you were after Terry?


Egads - of course! I was overcomplicating this in my mind. No bindings necessary. @Sausagefingers - there you go!

Thanks Dave! :smiley:


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