The Entirely Amazing Cantabile 3!

I just wanted to insert a little bit of a surprising statistic as a testament to the stability of this software.

I have a bunch of “Test Stuff Out” songs. They have several plugins apiece, with state changes aplenty. I have been kind-of just loading these into the same single set list over time, and its “memory footprint” has grown a bit.

That is to say, it currently loads in 177 plugins - that is nearly 8-gigs of stuff all running in the background sitting securely in memory (as I have the pre-load feature engaged for some mad reason), and it runs as stable as can be – for days sometimes!

I simply cannot crash this software. Pretty remarkable, says I.



Hey @terrybritton

Wow that’s great to hear!

Are you telling me that all those hours and hours of reviewing crash reports might have actually paid off? (I really do spend a ton of time on these)




That is indeed what I am inferring, yes. :wink:


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Just curious, how long does it take to load all those plugins @terrybritton?

  • Paul

Just had a quick look at my set list:
61 plugins, 6.8gig ram (system total is 8)
running at 96 samples, 44.1khz

And with that load, last Wednesday I tracked 14 channels (8 inputs and 6 from C3) of audio whilst playing my parts all in C3.
Not a hitch and the band members were very impressed I could drop a metronome down their cans without it being recorded too.

It truly is amazing software.


@Neil - nice! Good to hear. :slight_smile:

It does take eight minutes (not recommended for live performances without a backup PC!), but once it is all loaded in it switches songs and states entirely smoothly, as everything is in memory at that point. Like I said, I have had this sitting open for days and days sometimes without a hiccup.

The only reason it takes eight minutes is due to the fact that I have several VST’s that are huge and take up most of the time (Arturia stuff and Komplete Kontrol hosted items).

Once past those, it only takes 3-4 minutes to load everything else.