The Doktor Zombie Drummer

I’ve started a cover-band with a friend as drummer, a cousing of mine as guitar and I as bass and vocal.

Our friend sometimes asked us to stop playing to solve some other personal problems (each stop spares almost a year) and meanwhile, inspired by “Doktor Avalanche” from Sisters of Mercy I’ve start to use a drum machine.

Our friend died by heart attack and we decide to continue to play without a “humam drummer”.

The first version was the metronome from a Zoom B2 pedal (Zoom B → Zombie).

The second version was a Boss DR-Rhythm and the third version was a Nux LM3 MP3 pedal player.

Then I finally reach the forth version after studying keyboards I decided to acquire a CASIO CTX-5000 workstation but the lack of classic Oberheim synthesizer I decided to use a Dell laptop with Cantabile and Sonic Projects OBX-II plugins and a CollaB3 Hammond emulator.

From Cantabile Lite to Solo was a great step and now I can play the MIDI drums in CTX-5000 along with classic synthesizers to play Rush, Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Journey.

Very sorry about your friend but it’s great to hear that you’re carrying on and having fun! :+1:t2: Have you considered using something like ToonTrack Superior or EZDrummer for virtual drums??

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Hi Fred,

In the past i used EZDrummer to render MP3 for the “Doktor Zombie 3” (Nux LM3 Pedal).

When I acquire the CASIO CTX-5000 I realized that its drum machine has a high fidelity with MIDI programming becomes a realtime and good replacement for EZ Drummer.

Now with Cantabile Solo I can digg into the new possibilities to put a MIDI player along with EZDrummer and map MIDI footswitch (even the cheaper Chocolate M-VAVE) to real time drum.

Thanks for consideration and suggestion.


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