The Cat, new synth from Cherry Audio

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TBH, this is the first time I’ve heard of this synth. :open_mouth:

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This history of it is really interesting. Cherry Audio has a story about it, of course, on their webpage, but also G-Force Software has a video about the hardware on their page. It was meant to be a direct competitor to Moog and ARP, but at like half the purchase price.

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What I meant was that’s a very rare and unknown synth.
Like for example PAiA, I have never seen one here in Italy. And not even in musical instrument magazines.

Anyway, I’d say it’s very ARP inspired (ADSR/AR, switches, pitchbend pot, duophonic, overall shape…) :wink:

The sound is interesting and different from that of Moog, ARP, Yamaha CS-30, Korg MS-20, just to talk about mono-synths I had.

I remember having watched a somewhat hilarious (as usual for them) video by Synthaur about the Cat. Here it is:



Woow, the synth heaven.


Ok…you guys reactivated my recently retired G.A.S. syndrome. :roll_eyes:

Downloading now…


I recollect there being copyright infringement discussions between ARP and Octave at the time in the 70s….


Syntaur’s Youtube video talks about the legal matter.

Ohh, not strictly related, but Behringer is selling its remake of CAT for less than €250.

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The Sound On Sound Article on the Cat covers all the legal shenanigans, and a great description of the synth


Very well done “vintage” review on a vintage synth. :grinning:

I already bought it. It is a definite keeper, in ways I never felt about some of my other VST synths (U-He Repro-5, GForce MiniMonsta). Very raw sounding, without seeming ‘digital,’ and the filter resonance will take your head off with the Q slider all the way up! I could never afford the Minimoog or Odyssey back in my youth, and even the Cat was kind of pricey for a college (uni) kid. But I remember wanting one! I know it was used in Split Enz’ I Got You and it sounds like it was there in No Doubt’s Just A Girl, too. Only two oscillators, but each one can send multiple waves at once, and each one has a sub-oscillator. It has some strange but very usable modulation routings, too. Add in polyphony, and it’s a fantastic lead and effects synth!