That's Odd, Really Odd!

Having run my old laptop to the limit, I upgraded to an i7, 2.8GHz unit with 16G of RAM. It has been running fine until I put tomorrow’s set list together. Only 6 songs, but 24 plug-ins, and I noticed that for a couple of songs shifting from 1st to 2nd state (a) locked the last notes on, and (b) took about 20 seconds to actually make the change. SO a trial run of the set meant a long wait just after starting the second song - not good. I did find that if I waited for a moment or two, then stepped through the states before going back to the start and everything was ok. It has never done this before, so I decided to put the reverb, limiter and eq vsts into linked racks, thinking that by sharing the vsts across all songs it would reduce the number of vsts running thought the set list.

It actually made no difference at all, so I then split the set list into two, i.e. 2 songs and 4 songs, but the problem with song two persists. And finally, I stepped back from song 3 to song 4 (i.e. the 2nd set list) to make sure the transition was good, and Cantabile lobbed me back into the 1st set list instead, which I have no explanation for at all.

This all does seem somewhat weird!