Thank You @Brad and the Cantabile Forum

So having reached the age of 69, my band has decided to retire and so have I from further live gigs. It stared getting a bit of an issue putting all the gear away at 1.00am in the morning. From now on it’s just me and my studio. Going forward, my use of Cantabile will diminish no doubt so I thought I’d say a big thank you to the genius that is Brad, and also to the Forum. I have tended to push Cantabile technically with my setups and when I have hit issues both Brad and the Forum have been there immediately to help. So thanks Brad and thanks to all those on the Forum who have helped (You know who you are).


Hi Alan,

Hopefully we’ll see more home projects like your “Silent Night”.


I feel you brother! I am a little older than you, and have thought many times when I will finally give it up. I’ve watched many band mates pass away, and others quit. Music is both a gift, and a curse. It is my passion, and it makes me happy (except dealing with some band mates). I’ve had this passion since I was a toddler. Loading in, and out, has become harder through the years. My body is old and has taken a toll, but my childlike musical mind is still intact.
Even though your usage of Cantabile will decline, it doesn’t mean you can’t visit here, and participate with the many friends you’ve made.
Good luck, and keep the studio lights on through the night. :yawning_face:



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Our band members are from about 50 to 70 and there are discussions how long it will go but I think one should do it as long as possible because the experience to play together with band mates can not be replaced by other things.
Wish you all the best.

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Totally agree that playing music live with other musicians is just the best experience (especially when everyone is performing well). Still love performing live but just getting too old to carry all the kit about. And to be honest, the band was getting lazy about rehearsing new material. It’s just an age thing.

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No, it’s a band thing, no matter what the age. :slight_smile:

I ended up leaving my first band (pub/functions) because of a drought of new material being learnt and when we did start to learn again, so many good contemporary songs being passed over for cheese like “Amarillo” - that was the final straw for me!

It has been a life of prog since then! :slight_smile:

I hear you about age creeping up on us. I do not want to stop gigging yet, I am a sprightly 59, but have decided to “downsize” to some special solo shows at just my local music venue, which is only 15 minutes drive away. So less often but I can be extravagent in the show in terms of number of keyboards and visuals.


Our guitarist, a gifted chap, is 70 (I’m 62) and I’m dreading succession planning. However, I’m dubious about the longevity of what we do.
These days the yoof are less enamoured of bands in general. The audience at the gigs we play are all silver haired. The milieu we cater to is literally dying. Pardon me for being unduly maudlin, I still love playing live and the audience is usually enthusiastic.
Remember the days when how you could play/sing mattered less than how you looked? (A key date for me is 2000, when the studio started to usurp the instrumentalist.) Gradually, via auto tune amongst other clever tools, technology has smoothed the path of the less able. Eventually, AI will substitute for any lack of ability.