Terry's Live-Streaming Rig and Recording using Cantabile 3 Performer

I mentioned to someone at the Samplitude forum how I used Samp for mixing, editing and mastering, and he asked me what I used as my DAW for recording.

Heh… well… see my answer below!

I do daily live shows streamed to YouTube as a “challenge” since last November 3rd, where I perform on six keyboards via the Cantabile 3 Performer software and lay down a ton of parts right there during the 1/2-hour to an hour live show (with a small but steady, regular audience there providing the “pressure” to show up every day!) I’ve never been more productive in my life - every show is comprised of five to eight new compositions, depending on the day of the week and its “theme”. (Seven themes, one for each day.) So, with that as background…

I record using the recorder built into Cantabile 3 Performer in 48000/24-bit. I have a few hardware synths and a ton of VST instruments and effects, so six instruments, sometimes more if I’m layering synths on a single keyboard, and a microphone input for flute during several of the programs, plus a wide variety of reverbs, sometimes several employed in a single piece. The instruments and effects each get their own track in Cantabile’s recording, which records into a single .w64 file all of the tracks. I then use the free Audacity program (because it really is the simplest tool for doing this) to break that file up into individual stems, which I export to a folder, and then backup the original .w64 bit as an archive. Finally, I bring all the stems into Samplitude using templates, as each daily show follows the same or very similar track naming and instruments, with the same number of items week to week, typically. I alter the template to add or remove tracks as necessary before hitting the “W” key to import the stems en masse.

Although I COULD record into a separate instance of Samplitude running on the same machine, I use some CPU heavy instruments and need all the overhead I can glean, so though I tried that to eliminate the stem-splitting ordeal, I stopped in favor of CPU headroom. Really a drag when you overload the CPU during a live show!!! (It makes this huge “crunching” sound! Interesting a few times, but…!)

I distribute to my followers and supporters using a French service called http://fidbak.audio, which I subscribe to for unlimited uploads of my mastered copies - whose sound absolutely trumps that of the YouTube audio, but lots of people prefer to see me playing and use the YouTube versions for playback anyway. fidbak.audio lets people listen to and/or download either the original 48000/24-bit file or a 320kbps mp3 of the same file that fidbak generates automatically. Great service. Stopped using SoundCloud due to the awful audio quality of its 128kbps gleck.

You asked! :wink:

If anyone would like more details or perhaps a video of how I do my setups, just ask. Asking is often all the pressure I need to actually get a video done! :slight_smile:



Hey Terry,

Been a while since I heard from you. This is a great thing you are latching on to if it keeps you vital and engaged! So glad to hear it and I will check some of your work out.


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Hi Terry,

I’ve been enjoying loads of your vastly experimental improvisations on YouTube this evening while working - really nice stuff!! :slight_smile:


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Yeah, that is one of my favorite shows to do - that kind of experimental stuff is what inspired me to get into music in the first place - at age five, after hearing the music for a sci-fi themed radio-theater presentation in the fifties! :slight_smile:

They all are representative of the music in my soul, which is why I chose those themes, of course.


It definitely keeps me vital and engaged! :smiley: