Tempo for arpeggiators in plugins

In one of my songs I use Omnisphere with its built-in arpeggiator, and its tempo is driven by the host’s tempo. I can see that by default Cantabile’s tempo is set to 120bpm in 4//4 in the main toolbar, but I can’t find any way to change that (I’m certain I’m missing something obvious here). The only way I’ve found to set the tempo that Omnisphere picks up is by adding a media player, setting the the master transport selection to that media player, adding any old random audio file, and setting its tempo in the Media File Properties dialog. I never play that audio file, but having it gives me the ability to define a tempo for Omnisphere.

Like I said, I’m sure this must be trivially possible and that I’m missing some really basic thing…any pointers would be much appreciated!



Up top to the right of the central window is a small metronome icon. Clicking that exposes a drop-down dialog, and on the left side of that is a BPM selector in Blue. Clicking that divulges some selections, or you can use the plus and minus buttons to dial in a value. Custom values can be saved from the Blue button’s drop-down at the bottom of it using the Add button.


Hi Terry,

Thanks Terry.

I actually tried exactly that before my original post and saw no effect. I tried again and still Omnisphere is arpeggiating at the same tempo, unaffected by my change. However I then notice if I hit Cantabile’s play then stop buttons, Omnisphere then picks up the intended tempo correctly.

Is this intentional then, or a bug? Seems odd to have to start and stop the transport to get the new tempo through.

Either way, I can now set the correct tempo for the song, so thanks again Terry, my problem is solved :slight_smile:


Hi Neil,

Yes this is a bug - I think introduced during the media player sync support added last week. I’m working on a fix as we speak.