Tempo Detection Responsiveness Not Working With New Fractional Display

With the latest version (3583), the Tempo Detection Responsiveness settings do not seem to have any effect on the tempo display. I may have a crazy external MIDI clock, but the value is jiggering up and down wildly which is kind of eye-catching :woozy_face:

Hi @x2zero

Thanks for reporting this. Can you temporarily revert back to 3570 and let me know if this problem is new to this build. Pretty sure I haven’t changed anything in this area…


3570 works fine. But it doesn’t have fractional tempo display. It is the same with all the builds with that new feature.


Would also be handy if we could define the number of decimal points.

I somewhere reacted also that the tempo tap should have a longer delay function to be more accurate and reset after x time idle. Would work better. I don’t think the tap is useful now.

Finally got around to looking into this. It’s not that the responsiveness setting isn’t working - it’s just that because of the fractional component you can see the underlying jitter more easily.

I’ve updated the tempo detection to round to the detected tempo to the nearest whole number - so it should behave as before. This will be in the next build.


Much appreciated. Thank you @Brad.