Tell me a better way to organize set lists

Hi all.

I’m using Cantabile for playing backing tracks, intermission music, and click tracks for our drummer.
Right now, I’ve got everything in Cantabile as a single set list. 12 track songs, 4 intermission songs, and 22 “BPM” songs. The “BPM” songs just turn on the metronome and set it to a specific BPM. I’d like to separate the “BPM” songs from the regular set list somehow, and I’m just not sure how to go about doing it. It’s not much at present, but I’m afraid that eventually it will grow too unwieldy.

I was thinking I should create a single “BPM” song with multiple embedded racks, each with two On Load bindings (one to set the BPM, one to tell QLC+ which lighting program to start). The question doing it this way is if I have a binding in the background rack that loads the “BPM Song” from the Set List, how do I pass the program change parameter to the song to tell it what rack to load?

Another thought I had was doing embedded racks in the background rack, but that seems like it would be even more cumbersome down the road.

Hi @Robb_Fesig,

A couple of suggestions:

  1. If this is just an organisational issue - can you use set list breaks to split up the set list into multiple sections.
  2. Rather than a song with multiple embedded racks, why not just use song states for each BPM?
  3. Point 2 has the same problem with trying to load a particular BPM from the background rack - so I think you’ll need a two step process…one to select the BPM song and a second to select the actual BPM (which could be done with bindings in the BPM song).

Anyone else facing similar problems to this?


Thanks for getting back to me Brad.
It is only an organizational issue, so it’s not a big deal.

I had a few crazy ideas while trying to figure this one out (don’t know if any are of interest, but here they are):
If/Then bindings
Bindings with multiple actions/targets
Loading a set-list via a binding

If/Then bindings… that’s a fascinating idea. Could do lots of wacky stuff with that.

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Doing wacky stuff with C3? Nah…I don’t believe it. :rofl:

For crazy Ideas you need two instances of cantabile…
that opens new unimagined possibilities…
(including if/then :wink: )

All my timing an quantizing options are send from second Instance
gives more flexibility than only the Backgroundrack

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I’ve considered this, but set of possible conditions one might to test against seemed rather vast.

You can do this by creating multiple bindings with the same source…

This is a possibility.

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At some point you’re almost beyond writing a VST host, you’re compiling a programming language :smiley: