TDR Mastering EQ $9.99 at Audio Deluxe

Sales are all over the place but this one is worth shouting out imo for anyone needing an ultra clean Mastering EQ. I’ve had it a while and its a top shelf choice imo, and a no brainer for under $10.


Hi Sekim.
I think I read $9.99/day or did I misunderstand?

Its $9.99 one time for a perpetual license.

Thanks for the heads up, @sekim!


BTW, their Kotelnikov compressor is also very good imo if you need a super clean buss comp with imo outstanding comp algos. Great sounding “colored” comps are a dime a dozen, but something really good that’s clean and pure is kinda rare.

I have it already. I admit I have not used it a lot…but that’s not because it’s not good. I simply do not have the time to try out all I have got. I guess I’ll have to give it a try, then. :rofl: