Tap Tempo sending to DMX / D-PRO

Hi, I need help to sync my DMX Ligth-Software with my MIDI Clock

first I had DMXIS and it works as a plugin and so it was perfect in time.

…but more Lights need a better Software with more abilities so I switched to D-Pro.

Now i must send a beat to trigger the Tap-Tempo

a)…best way would be to trigger a note on speciffic clock Signal but I think this is not possible in cantabile to bind anything directly to time sense.

b)…I tested the vst Programm CC-Stepper but it sends
continuously CC-Information and I want to have only 1 Note or CC per Bar to send

c)…Midi Loop in the Mediaplayer it works but i dont know how to set my Keyboardcontroller as Master (Start/Stop) and Loop a MIDI File in Time
(it only works with the Metronome)

please Help me out

Nobody an Idea?
…if cantabile can not Loop my File when it is synced to MIDI clock (or I don’t know how to do this)
…so I think the easyest way will be to make a long Midifile with a Tap Note

Hi Juergen,

What will D-Pro listen to for MIDI time?

Does it support MIDI-clock? If so, just enable it in Cantabile | Options | MIDI Ports | MIDI Clock


Hi Juergen,

I am late to this one but I have been experimenting with the CC-Stepper Vsti from CodeFN42 on other assorted projects and if this is the vsti you are speaking of you need to turn off the ‘Smoothing’ switch to get hard edge switches. it’s the best solution for your overall needs by the way if you want to drive switches from C3 Metronome system.

Hope this helps, once I got it going it became a swiss army knife fore me … lol


Thanks for helping me…

my old Software (DMXIS) worked fine as VSt-Plugin and I used it in the way you described.

…but the New (better Software …but not in syncing :frowning: ) can do this not. There is no way to listen to MIDI Clock …sory.

Thank’s Dave… I thougth also than your description.

But on my Surface Pro 4 i think there is everything different than on a normal PC …grrrrr

The button has no effect , sometimes for a few seconds but than it sends automaticaly continous Controller

it is very strange but real …so first i will check this on my second PC

… but I need to run this program because it is much better and
clearer to Control a lot of movingheads and lights than DMXIS.

OK …I tested CC_Stepper again with this result:

With cantabile ‘METRONOME’ as Masterclock it works fine with and without Smooth :slight_smile:

With ‘Sync.to MIDI Clock’ the button does’nt work …only continous values sending :frowning:

Is your external MIDI clock connected and working correctly? ie: does the displayed tempo in Cantabile change when you change the tempo on your external MIDI clock source.

Clock is perfect and stable synced with the Korg Pa4x Keyboard and also perfect send from Cantabile back to the Synthesizer…yes

Thanks Brad for perfect Support !..the problem is a CC-Stepper Timing Problem wenn working with external Clock Signal…

but no Problem because Cantabile gives so many Tools to manipulate and filter MIDI that I solved this
Exercise with a Latch Filter that only Switch at 0 or 127.

Works perfect and lights are now perfect in sync. with my Keyboard Clock Transport…

DMXIS is better to handle because as a plugin its Timing works automaticaly in sync. to the host.

But D-Pro gives much more Options to make cool Lightmoves and changes in timeline…

Cool shit …YES :champagne::grinning::electric_plug::dark_sunglasses::loud_sound::bulb::bulb::bulb::bulb::bulb::bulb:

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I did this yesterday. You can bind cantabile metronome and send it as a cc to dpro.

Then in dpro in preferences you can learn this cc and bind it to master speed.

Dpro then perfectly syncs with c3 tempo. Only between 60 and 187 bpm though.

Let me know if you need a screenshot.

You need to use something like loopmidi as a virtual port to send midi between the 2 programs.

Thank you,
but my Masterclock is comming from my Arranger Keyboard with MIDI.
So speed is not to read out. This only works when Cantabile Metronome gives the Clock.
I asked Brad if he can also make the Tempo/bpm available in this case for bindings because i would do this at the same way (but would not work)

so I must go the comlicated way…

Ah, sorry, I misunderstood how you were using it… Hope you get it sorted. I’m just evaluating D-Pro this week as an upgrade from dmxis.

No Problem :slight_smile:

hope Brad will Change this so that incomming Midi-Masterclock also could used like Metronome-bpm for bindings.

D-Pro ist the better solution when many lights should be controlled.

also there is the very usefull timeline there
where you can influence different cues with different parameters and much more.

In any case it is much clearer than DMXIS

Only for my two Hydrabar’s I used 4 Lines with Faders and that was to confusing for me if you constantly have to scroll up and down.

Logged here, vote if you want it.

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Thanks for the new Update with ability to work with Clock Messages from external syncronisation.

Now my D-Pro Light Software is perfect in sync. from the first Moment when I Change the tempo on my Arranger Keyboard.

Time-Sync…Perfect !!!

and with the Resync FX Function from D-Pro i can set the First LampStrobe directly synced to my drums with no latency !!

For this i use the CC Player with very fast Stepping 1/64 with 64 Steps.

So I set the start command not on step 1 but for example on step 62 and so the latency is compensated for the headlight.

In this case, however, the first tap is missing and I get that by converting the Midi Start command directly to a CC and forwarding it to the lighting software.

Cantabile is a very fantastic Software tool to set all things that Hardware developers did not consider to the right way.

Although I only use the Null Audio feature and not the many host abilities, this program is worth the money for me.

Thank you Brad :champagne::grinning: