TAL Vocoder (64-bit)/All vocoders on deck!

Any ideas how to route a custom mono carrier (right or left, I can’t remember) and a modulator (again, right or left only, I can’t remember which is which. Like carrier right/modulator left etc.). I don’t want to use the integrated waves in TAL-Vocoder (64-bit).

Any ideas on how to route carrier to one side of the stereo input to the TAL and the modulator to the other side?

Yes, I have other vocoders. Maybe you have a favorite. I have morphoder, Vocal Synth and Razor.



Repeat this procedure for carrier and modulator signal ports:
Right click on your vocoder plugin (iZotope VocalSynth in my case) → Audio ports → Add → Mono Input port - > Assign audio channel to this port.

Then select those ports as the output ports for the corresponding audio signals as shown here:

kind regards, Alexander


Amazing! I had no idea you could do that! I tried everything. Thanks so much! I am going to try that later this evening.