Sysex (syntax to convert gain value)


I want to put the value from a rack gain slider into a sysex string…

my way was to do this in two steps first i converted the value with a binding to a controller value and second i put it into the string…(works)

…but I think there must be a function to do this directly in the sysex string in one binding

can someone help me to do this ?



I don’t think so - the variables list doesn’t show anything that comes close to getting the rack gain value directly

So unless you want to use a reaJS script to do the conversion, I don’t see an alternative to your two-step process - looks pretty efficient!




Thank you Torsten,
I rarely work with sysex and so overview is missing…
…i asked because one row would be clearer then two on different places…
but no problem because this way works so I can bind the Rackslider to my montage PerformanceMastervolume and easy adjust the balance in my mix