Sysex messages, Solo vs Performer

Hi all

I have Cant Solo but would consider moving to Performer if someone can help me understand whether I can achieve the following…

Context: Novation 61SL mk2 controller keyboard, driving Cantabile and a Yamaha Reface CS. I want to recall patches on the Reface via sending 61-byte sysex messages (each patch is a 61-byte message). My controller keyboard can only send 12 bytes or so.

Can I map a CC on my controller keyboard to send a 61-byte sysex message to the Reface? I can’t test as Solo doesn’t have this functionality, but I believe Performer does.

Many thanks!

Cantabile Solo has some limitations when sending sysex to external devices.

A quick comparison table is here: Cantabile Edition Comparison - Cantabile - Software for Performing Musicians.

I don’t think there is a limit to the length of sysex strings between Solo and Performer, but we have some gurus on the forum who can give you a better answer.

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Thanks - I’ve since trialled Performer and ascertained it has the sysex functionality I’m missing in Solo