Sysex in racks weirdness

Hi all, (@brad especially)

I’ve got a weird issue with some racks I’ve set up to control the lights on my Arturia Keylab 88 MkII.

I’ve been using these racks for a few months and they’re working great. You can see from the pic that I’ve got a list of states that produce different colours. When I select the rack states (I’ve got a different rack for each of the lights) it sends the sysex and the light changes colour. Great. However, I’ve got a case where I wanted to just copy and paste the sysex to somewhere else in the song structure, away from the rack, so i opened up the rack to grab the data, and, as per pic, I can’t see or edit the data in the value field…

Aha! I thought, it may be something to do with the fact that I have an embedded rack, instead of a linked rack… Inserted the channel light rack into a song as a linked rack. Nope. Doesn’t change anything, still can’t see or edit the sysex value field…

I can’t remember which version of Cantabile I programmed all these racks in but I’m on 3678 right now.

Cheers all, as always.


What pic? :slight_smile:

Guessing, it sounds like you’ve accidentally resized the value column down to nothingness. Try grabbing the right side of the right edge of the last column and dragging right.



Sorry, here’s the pic… The column is plenty wide enough I think…

Any thoughts @brad?

Hey Pierce,

The values are not in the value field for sysex and are instead in an unmarked firld next to the target that has a half division marker i.e.

I’d try dragging the Value bar to the right it will show the half division and the sysex data

It should uncover the field you want




As always @dave_dore and @brad, right on point… Never noticed the little half division line before, have no idea how it got covered up…



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