SysEx error with Roland JunoDS

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I’m attempting to send a SysEx message to a Roland JunoDS via a binding and I get the error shown below when inputting the SysEx string. I’ve run the same string to the Juno using MIDI-OX and the command performs as expected. The command is supposed to switch the Juno into Performance Mode (the mode where you specify layers, splits, etc.), and then select user preset number 3 (the last number in the string.

I’m curious as to why this would work in the MIDI-Ox application and not Cantabile. Is there some sort of global SysEx setting that I’m missing? I’m able to send patch change commands and other midi commands without issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially from fellow JunoDS owners!!!


Hi djdisbro,

Try entering your sy-sex message with this formatting shown in the example

small case x followed by the message enclosed in double quotation marks

example of a sys ex entry into Cantabile