SysEx Encoder Filter "Any" CC?

I can’t seem to get SysEx Encoder filters with “Any” CC to ever trigger. Am I doing it wrong? Here are my steps:

  1. Open a fresh (blank) Cantabile song.

  2. Add a SysEx Encoder filter to the “Onscreen Keyboard (out)” port with the following settings:

  • Channels: Omni
  • Controller Kind: CC Coarse
  • Controller Number: Any
  • Controller Value: Any
  • Suppress: yes
  • Generate Sysex: F0 $(cc) $(val) F7
  1. Open a MIDI monitor for the “Onscreen Keyboard (out)” (making sure it’s set to “Post MIDI Filter”), and send it a CC event. (I used a binding to send CC=0 Val=1.)
  • Expected result: MIDI monitor should show F0 00 01 F7
  • Actual result: MIDI monitor shows original CC event unfiltered
  1. To double-check, change the MIDI Filter from step 2 to only trigger on CC=0 instead of “Any”.

  2. Repeat step 3, and observe that the correctly encoded sysex event appears (F0 00 01 F7).

Am I misunderstanding how CC=Any works?


Just bumping this thread. Can anyone get any SysEx Encoder filter to trigger with CC set to “Any”? I still can’t find a way.