SysEx Binding Targets as a Freeform MIDI Editor?

Is it OK to use a SysEx binding target to send arbitrary MIDI?

I find myself in need of the (excellent) binary editing facilities available for SysEx to send CC messages with variable content. I just realized that, since the SysEx requires xF0 at the beginning, that any MIDI might be constructed …

Might there be any gotchas in this approach?

Just did some testing on this … and the answer is …

Yes, SysEx bindings can serve as a general (but rather low-level) MIDI message generator.

I tested this with sending “Nurpin” (NRPN) messages and they worked perfectly.

Yep, this is now officially supported. Older versions it worked kind of for simple messages. Current version now correctly splits multiple midi messages and handles correctly.

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