Synthmaster Player - Black Friday - $9

I installed the demo and had some fun with presets like Juno Bass MK. I like how the presets are organized and named. I’m not motivated to get the full version even though that’s also on sale because I don’t know when I would have time to program patches with it. The player for $9 seems worth it. Interested if anyone uses it and if they think I will be sorry I can’t tweak the sounds.

I have synthmaster. Should be the same voice architecture. And it’s ok. It also has many synthesis.
I have many presets. But i find the synth difficult to program. Could be me dough. I need to pay some time to it maybe. Still, the interface could be better.

I like Synthmaster very much.
I used it recently for three wonderful arp sounds.
It is not easy to program but it has the spirit.
It is complex and rewarding.
I changed one saw lead too, and it was gorgeous

I decided to buy the “player” version. I’ll upgrade if I find the need to edit.

You can’t go wrong. Sometimes the expansion packs are also in discount. They are already low priced.