Synthfest UK 2020

This year Synthfest UK is a virtual event, but I do know that there are set to be many video presentations and dealer discounts - I’m sworn to secrecy, but miss it at your peril! My credit card is on standby…

As part of the video events for the day I’ve created a brief run-down of my Cantabile rig for the uninitiated, giving some basic overview of bindings, States, timeline bindings and how I link it all to my iPad for display and editing. For most here it will be basic stuff, but hopeully it will steer some people in the right direction.

Details of the event here:
Synthfest UK 2020


Cool. I went along in person last year. Got to play the CS80 on the yamaha stand.

Yep, me too, John. Owned and demonstrated by the mighty Pete Banks of ‘After the Fire’ fame too! One of my heroes.