Syncing MIDI loop, tempo controls

I’ve seen a few topics that skirt this issue. If I have, say a 4 measure loop in a media player, can I control the tempo with Cantable bindings (latest experimental version). It seems like, to get it to loop, I must make the Media player with the MIDI file the Master. Metronome settings are ignored. If I make the Metronome the master, the first 4 measures will play, but will then continue in the MIDI file (which is empty at this point). Do I have to make a really long MIDI file with no loop as a workaround? Is this @brad’s “Live Loop Control” topic (not implemented yet)?

Hi Richard,

I do it like this,

a) record and/or load a midi file into a media player
b) Open timeline and set to loop infinite
c) create following style of binding using multiple entries for physical bindings from controller (i used onscreen for keyboard notes for example) to the metronome “increase tempo” and “decrease tempo” and then a binding from the metronome to the media player “speed” with your midi file set to loop. No master or slave necessary I think in this case.

Hope it works for you … works here on 3194


Thanks @dave_dore! I was missing the binding from Metronome to media player. That was the trick!