Syncing cantabile between computers

up to this point I’ve used cantabile exclusively on the laptop, but I now want to run it on my desktop as well. I’d like to be able to sync the settings between computers so that if I update something on one, when open cantabile on the other computer, everything will match up. It seems that the new “move settings folder location” option will allow me to do this. I read the blog about this feature which suggests that you can use a cloud-based service like dropbox or Google drive to accomplish this. After reading the blog, I’m still don’t understand what to do. What specifics steps do I need to take to set cantabile up on both computers so that I can keep all of my settings and songs synced up?

i’m guessing to that I would need to move all of my plug-ins to a dropbox or Google drive folder…

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  1. You need all your setlists, songs and racks in your shared cloud folder (eg Dropbox), and with Cantabile pointing there in settings.
  2. You need the same plugins and sound libraries installed on both machines - not strictly necessary to sync plugins via the cloud, as they don’t change often, just ensure what you install on one, you install on the other. But they should be installed in exactly the same path on both machines.
  3. Optional: edit the config.json file in the Cantabile install location to point to a shared location for settings.
  4. Ensure your background rack folder location setting in Cantabile points to an shared location
  5. Ensure you have either the same audio hardware on both machines, or set up aliases so your shared songs can work equally well with the different MIDI and audio port names

That’s more or less it. Note that if you have your settings in a shared location, things like log files, plugin cache etc will do odd things if you’re running Cantabile in both places at once. This is one reason to consider not having settings shared.