Syncing audio and midi

This has probably been answered here before but I need the nuts and bolts of how to do this.
I work out the audio backing track in Cakewalk with midi files to run program changes on my Pod HD pro and Digitech Vocalist VR and lighting changes. Does it involve using 2 media players, one with the audio and one with the midi file?

Hi Douglas and Welcome to the forum!

It does involve 2 media players, one with audio & one with MIDI file. You can set up master slave relationships between the media players as well if needed. This assumes the tracks are in sync in the DAW before exporting them.



Thanks Dave,

Just tried it out last night and it works, one thing I had to figure out was the proper master/slave relationship, at least with what I am doing. The midi file needed to be the master and the audio the slave.

My reason for wanting to run things this way is to reduce the system load, instead of running kontakt, and halion, now one mix down wave file and one midi file per song.


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