Synchronize two media players

Dear all,
having to play bases live synchronizing a drummer, I need to start two or more media players at the same time, one with the clock and one with the base for example, directing different outputs of the soundcard to the drummer and the PA.
Is this possible?
thank you very much
Il Mazza
Cantabile + Tascam 16x08

Hi Mario,

The following assumes your tracks are prepared already …

  1. Add 2 media players to your song and load the click into media player 1 and set the player to Master mode


  1. load the Bass track into media player 2 and set that player to Slave (Musical)


  1. Set the main transport to Media player 1 and you are ready. When you hit main transport Play the 2 players will start and run synced until they are finished.


Hope this helps …



Thank you so much Dave,
It’ OK.