Synchronize a Delay VST to a Hardware Looper

Is there a way to use a “MIDI Sync” signal that is coming in from a hardware looper to control the timing of a delay plugin?

This could be directly on a C♪3 route or by having the MIDI Sync control the song tempo (although I would rather not have to run the C♪3 transport just to do this).

(the remainder of this message describes my situation, but that’s not really so important … but … for those interested …)

Background: I sometimes structure my songs to live-loop a not-terribly-rhythmic background on an RC-505 and then add a rhythmic component with the assistance of a hardware delay - a Strymon Timeline. The RC-505 sends MIDI clock to the Timeline on a dedicated (outside of Cantabile) MIDI DIN5 cable:

This musical structure is great - much better than the typical “set up a rhythmic loop and then play over it”. And I am not playing to a pre-set click tempo …

However, this hardware setup suffers from latency: All my output sound goes through the Timeline and Looper and suffers multiple A/D - D/A conversions. I have solved this by routing the Looper as a side-chain, so the latency is only on my loops (no biggie).

Another goal is to eliminate the Strymon (less gear!). That unit is great, but is really designed as Guitar pedal (notice the impedance structure - not ideal).

Also, the Looper output is unbalanced, and it is much easier / safer to feed the house system with a balanced signal.

So I would like to put the delay in software and control its tempo from the side-chained looper.

Was able to wrap my brain around MIDI Sync described here: … and it worked like a charm. C3 responds to RC-505 MIDI Sync commands and gives control of the transport to that MIDI Sync source.

I’ve tried three plugins that follow the transport tempo - Sanford Delay, ValhallaDelay, and NI’s Replika, and they all work perfectly.

Thanks for a comprehensive implementation of this feature!!