Synchro Start on Note Receive

Hi all,

I want to assign a switch on my keyboard to act as a synchro start toggle. So when the switch is on the transport will start when I play a note on the keyboard.

I’m currently doing this by having the switch toggle states, where the on state will trigger the transport if a note is pressed. I’m wondering if there is an easier way to do this though, or if this could be considered as a feature for future updates?

Hi Harry and welcome to the Community!

I can offer a way that doesn’t require state changes that could be put in the Background rack so it worked on all songs. To do it you first add a new embedded rack to the BG rack, I renamed mine to show it was part of the logical toggle switch I was making.

open the new rack and add a pass through MIDI route

close the rack and go to the background rack’s bindings tab and add these 2 bindings. Note that I used CC0 for the switch part, you would have to set that CC to what ever your keyboard is sending.

That’s it. So the logic is this. Your switch input from the keyboard controls whether the new rack is enabled or not. When it is enabled it will pass the MIDI note and the other binding can receive the note and start the transport. If it is disabled the opposite occurs. The disabled rack can not pass the MIDI note and so it can’t start the transport.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:



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Hi Dave,

That’s exactly what I was wanting to do, thank you!

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