Sync to midi clock - not working? solved :-)


I had issues with the pc sequencer having lag running the cantabile PC that was fixed,

Is “sync to midi clock” in master transport supposed to be working in solo V3?
all year, this was working fine until 3 hours ago, then it stopped working.
Nothing was changed on the cantabile PC.

I did see this post, I’m another who thought this was a feature if it is or isn’t

Any ideas?

I have found the issue was caused by the PC sequencer driving the cantabile/vst pc.

I have dumped the software and about reinstall the PC daw software.

I used my poly 800ii’s sequencer output to drive midi sync on cantabile pc,
Midi sync on cantabile working as it always did. :smiley:
later tried midi ox, this showed timing clock messages from poly 800ii, didn’t show anything from the PC.