Sync Soundbrenner App to Cantabile 3 Clock

I’m a new user of Cantabile 3 and tried to integrate my Soudbrenner Pulse wearable metronome device.

I can think of 3 uses cases fo the Pulse:
1 - Control Cantabile metronome, play/stop and adjust tempo from the pulse device
2 - Sync Cantabile 3 to the Soundbrenner app clock
3 - Sync Soundbrenner app to Cantabile 3 clock

My rig is:

  • Cantabile 3 Performer Build 3540 (X64) on Windows 10 with rtpMIDI installed.
  • Soundbrenner app (v1.13.1) on an iPad 4 (iOS 10.3.3) with MIDI Network app installed.

I was able to successfully setup use cases 1 and 2 over MIDI network.

For use case 3, I followed their guide “How to Connect the iOS App to DAW on Windows using MIDI” section “Using MIDI over Network”. But at the end when I switch to EXTernal sync the App does neither start/stop with the master transport controls in C3 nor sync tempo.

Anybody here who is able to setup use case 3?


Hi Paul and Welcome!

I have a few questions. Do you have the MIDI clock box checked for the rtpMIDI port you use in Tools>Options>MIDI Ports>MIDI Clock? I’m pretty sure you do but just checking. The other question I have is, what type of binding are you using to send your MIDI commands to the rtpMIDI network connection? And also a question is are you using MMC commands in your bindings? If you can post a screen shot of the bindings you use it would also help to determine these things. Thanks …


Hi Dave

Thank your for the welcome.

Yes, the checkmarks are set on the MIDI Clock options. For use case 2 it’s “in: MIDInet”, and for the use case 3 “out: MIDInet” (MIDInet is my local network session name).

Could you please elaborate on your second question? I currently do not have any use case for sending MIDI commands to the soudbrenner. I don’t know what commands the Soundbrenner operates on.

In use case 1 I apply the following bindings in the background rack:
Input Port - Soundbrenner Ch:1 Controller CC 3 - Metronome : Tempo : Value Mapping
Input Port - Soundbrenner Ch:1 Switch CC 1 - Transport : Play/Stop : Normal

But as mentioned, I do not have any issue with use cases 1 and 2.


Sure, I was referring to apps that accept MIDI clock start and stop signals which are one of the options that are available in Cantabile bindings. These MMC commands must be sent by a binding set up in a Cantabile song. I tried to get it working here (I have an iPad3 and Win 10) and it wouldn’t work for me either. Cantabile sends clock independent of the 16 MIDI channels so it may be that the Soundbrenner metronome app doesn’t like that. It shows a selection in it’s options to receive on a specific MIDI channel that defaults to 1. The only thing on the website uses Abelton software to create the proper host settings so I can’t cross check with that here. This problem might be best referred to @brad for some help, he may be able to explain why it is not working.


Today I did some monitoring of the MIDI network traffic. All system real-time messages (TimingClock, Start, Stop, Continue as well as Song Position Pointer) are received on the iPad side. No need to send extra messages using bindings. It works with just setting the MIDI Clock options. So to me Cantabile is OK!

I must assume the Soundbrenner app is not processing the clock messages. There is no channel number in the system real-time messages I think.


Hi Paul,

I agree, after doing some of the same investigating it seems like the app is the log jam. Their site has some it’s pages down, so I wonder what their status is as far as support for you? Anyway, thanks for posting about it, the Metronome app combined with the wrist band is in and of itself is stellar! If they can make it work with Cantabile as a transmitter even better.