Sync mode not working

I have just updated from 3116 to the latest stable build but now none of my media players start when I press play. I tried all the stable builds after 3116 but none of them work. Rolling back to 3116 corrects the problem.

I notice that experimental build 3118 said: Fixed - error parsing sync modes from pre-3117 builds. Might I suggest that it isn’t?



Hi Carl,

I just ran some tests here and couldn’t reproduce any issues. Synced a bunch of media files to master transport saved, reloaded worked fine. Also tried with one of the media players as the master and it too worked.

Ran tests with latest stable (3122) and experimental (3125) both worked fine.

Could you please confirm whether the problem is:

a) synced players don’t sync
b) players saved in a synced mode in a previous build when loaded in newer build are no longer in sync mode.
c) something else


B. Players I saved in 3116 don’t start although they still say they are synced. I haven’t created any new players.

I’ve just tried adding a new media player but that won’t start either.

The issue seems to be that my media players are in racks. Media players I create directly on the main screen sync fine but not when they are in a rack. I tried this with a new song and newly created media players, one of them in a new rack. The one in the rack doesn’t sync.

Ah, that’s correct, but I didn’t think that ever worked.

Is this an important feature to you? I always assumed media files would be a per-song setting and generally not used in racks anyway.

Probably an oversight on my part.

The reason I did this was so that one rack, for example, contained a media player with all my click files in it and I could set the level of the rack at the start of the set and it would persist through all the songs.

And, yes, it worked really well :slight_smile:

And yes, for that reason it’s a very important feature.

OK, leave it with me. I’ll sort it out.


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I can see that another way to do it would be to create the media file at song level then route the audio output into a rack which would control the volume and of course that volume would persist across songs. Do you think that’s a ‘cleaner’ way to do things? I’m really just experimenting here.

It’d be cleaner in that if you have different audio files in each song, you don’t need to put them all in one media player and then select the appropriate one from the parent song. ie: you just have the one player per song and it has just the one audio track you need.

Load time wise there no real different since switching files in the media player in a rack will take just as long as loading it in the song. (ie: media players don’t pre-load other songs in their playlist - just the active one is loaded)

That said - I need to either fix syncing across racks, or disable the sync options in the racks.

I’ve had an experiment and, for the record, I’ve decided to keep all my media files at song level and feed them into individual racks to control the volume. The song window is busier but I can see everything at a glance and the outcome is exactly the same.

Thanks for your prompt response, Brad and for helping me understand things a bit more.