Sync MIDI file and arpeggiator tempos - SOLVED

I have a song that uses the C3 media player to play a MIDI file with drums and bass backing tracks that was recorded in Cakewalk. I recorded the MIDI tracks using the same tempo (bpm) as the C3 song. I am also using an arpeggiator VST in C3 to play a “live” Kontakt banjo instrument. I have both the media player and arpeggiator receiving MIDI, but the arpeggiator gets slightly out of sync with the MIDI file. Are the tempo events embedded in the MIDI file overriding the C3 master clock/metronome and if so, how do I force the MIDI file to be driven by the C3 metronome?

As far as I know you would have the metronome as the Main transport selection and then set the media player to musical slave. The arpegiator should still be on the C3 clock that way.

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Hey Bruce,

have you checked this section of the User Guides?

You can choose if you want the MIDI file to be the master or if you want it to follow the main master clock / metronome.



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Thank you, Torsten and Dave! I was not aware of the right-click media player sync options. I was looking inside the media player dialogue box. Selecting “Slave - Musical” seems to give me what I was looking for. I should have RTFM. My apologies, guys.