Sync metronome with audio backing track

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I have an mp3 audio recorded at 142bmp (with two bars of silence at the beginning)
I add a media player and I can reproduce it perfectly.

I would like to know how to synchronize it with the cantabile metronome, in such a way that if I set the metronome to 142 the audio starts playing at the same time, so it should start playing from measure 3.

This is trying but I get later.
How is this done correctly?

Thank you very much and sorry for my English.

I’m sorry Felipe but Cantabile can’t sync to your audio exactly, it’s not possible. The best you can do is get close by starting the metronome and the media player at the same time using a binding.

Cantabile can sync to MIDI files or have MIDI files sync to it but not audio.


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I’ve been doing tempo maps in a DAW. I then export to a wav file from the DAW and bring it back into Cantabile. Then the midi and the Wav file match up perfectly.

Here’s a post on how:


Thanks @dave_dore, its works perfectly!

@dsteinschneider thanks, but with binding for me (and now) its enough!

Thanks a lot!