Sync Metronome in real-time

This may have already been discussed but I’m not coming up with the right combination of search terms.

I’m using MIDI files loaded into songs as Media Players and triggering via footswitch.

Almost all of the MIDI files need to start at a point other than the beginning of a song. I think I’ve got a good crasp of how to sync the Media Players to the metronome, but I’m trying to figure out if something can be done regarding the metronome. The “orchestra” for the show I’m working on is a five piece band. I’m using the media players to add in the string parts that we don’t have physical room for the musicians.

Short of creating a click-track and having the necessary gear to get the whole band playing to it, we lack both the money/equipment and the time for me to create it - it’s a 90 minute rock opera, 23 full songs - is there a way to make the metronome interpret the tempo at which I’m playing so that when I trigger the Media Players they will be in time with the metronome?

In short, can the metronome in Cantabile be made to detect/interpret, even roughly, the tempo at which I am playing and adjust itself to that tempo.

Thanks all!

Hi @Allen

Unfortunately not - Cantabile can’t do any sort of tempo detection except for a simple tap to set tempo binding.


I figured it was a long shot. I’ve found a way to accomplish what I’m trying for. Took a cheap “sustain” foot pedal, plugged into the expression pedal input of my keyboard which I never use and created a binding linking the pedal to the tap tempo function of the metronome. So no matter what exact tempo the band is in, I just start tapping my foot (on the pedal) to the beat a few bars ahead and when I trigger the media player we’re right in time.