Sync LEDs of nanoKontrol 2 with Cantabile

I’m trying to get the LEDs of my nanoKontrol2 to work in sync with the Bindings in Cantabile.
For example:
I want a Binding that suspends a particular plugin to be reflected on the corresponding button LED on the korg nanoKontrol to indicate the current state (off or on) in Cantabile.

Now, I set my LED control to “external” within the Korg Editor, but apparently the nanoKontrol has to receive a Midi Command from Cantabile in return in order for this to work. This is where I’m stuck.

I’d also like to initialize all of the LEDs when starting Cantabile to the init states.

The perfect solution for me would be to sync all LEDs to the current states of all Bindings at any time in Cantabile.

Maybe someone can help me out with this. I know it can be done with Mainstage ( Is this feature supported in Cantabile?

I have been using Cantabile Solo for a few weeks now, loving the software and its flexibility, btw!

Best regards

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A little bit later, but I tried also these days to control the LEDs via e.g. Song States.
I have no idea, which commands I have to send from CP to the nanoKontrol2 to switch defined lights on/off. The CC channels of the several buttons of the nanoKontrol e.g. using solo buttons are known (#32, #33, #34 and so on).
Has somebody an idea to do this via bindings?

I do this with my Arturia keylab and akai mpk. I’m assuming, if the nano control is anything like these 2, you’ll need to use sysex messages from Cantabile in order to switch the states of the LEDs. This is a question for korg, or a look in the manual.


I get it worked after some hours of using this forum, Google and a lot of try on error trials.

Background for this topic:
I use are very big song set for live playing/improvising. Here are arround 80 different racks with a huge number auf rack states behinds included.
Each song state based on 1 up to 7 used rack states.
I saved so for each song state each rack gain settings (gain on load). But sometimes I have to adjust the different rack gains while improvsing/live playing. Here I use the nanoKontrol 2 midi device with bindings up to 7 sliders (depends on how many rack states I use in the actual song).
I need to know, how many rack states I use for the selected song state (via note key bindings up and down C0/C1). The slider 7 is in my case always for drum vst or mediaplayer based beats/grooves.
This I achived now with the switch on (off) leds on the nanoKontrol 2. I use for each active slider all 3 led (S, M and R).
I know, that each Cantabile user has is own workflows how to use Cantabile for different purposes.
If somebody is interested in my solotion, I placed here as attachment my nanoKontrol 2 rack.
Naturally you have to replace your own named nanoKontrol device.
Also important: you have to change the nanoKontrol 2 settings to LED external (under common) and you have to add the nanoKontrol midi device also for midi output.
NanoKontrol.cantabileRack (411.4 KB)

Thanks for contributing the rack …

However … it seems that all the binding in the rack are requiring a Hardware port named [nanoControl 2 OUT]. (I may be wrong here, but it does look like that).

Would it be possible to have a more generally usable rack by changing the bindings to output to the Rack port [MIDI Out] port? That way we could route them as needed for our specific port structures.

Or is there some reason a link to a hardware port is preferred?

Hi @ClintGoss,
if you have already set up a nanoKontrol 2 in Cantabile, you gave a name for it. You can easy exchange the “nanoControl 2” with your device in my rack example (template); line by line.

This is only an rack to turn on and off the led lights of the nanoKontrol 2 in different combinations.
All other bindings to the nanoKontrol 2 I already have/had in place.

What would you like to achive on the end with bindings to rack outputs?

Right … on the road now and on a different rig without the nanoKontrol … That is back in the home studio …

Without that port in my on-the-road C4 configuration, I can’t see the targets of the bindings … so that’s why I was suggesting a rack with rack-based ports …

Ok, so far I didn’t use C4. I planned to test C4 next days.
The rack was made in C3. I guess, that it is perhaps not really usable in C4; will check that next days.