Symbolic Links stopped working with OneDrive


I’m noticing that OneDrive is suddenly unable to cope with Symbolic Links. It used to work (I was using it last year), but now it seems to get very confused, creating duplicate System Tray entries and never showing the upload as being complete. I’ve also started getting errors from Cantabile, such as :
‘Failed to replace temp file C:\Users\theelf\OneDrive\Live Audio\Cantabile\Wavestar\Racks\Kontakt 02.cantabileRack.tmp with…’ and something about incompatibility with Symbolic Links.

I moved my Cantabile data folder out of OneDrive to my data drive and all is well again, so I’ve set Google Backup and Sync to sync the folder from my data drive instead. This seems to be working fine.

Just thought I’d bring it up in case anyone is seeing similar problems. OneDrive had been doing the job fine until now.