Switching to vst3

I’m thinking of switching to vst3 versions (at least for the B3-X) since they use less cpu when not used but available in a song.
Is it save to use vst3?
Do I have to make all of my rack states new?

Thanks in advance.

Can’t judge if the VST3’s use less CPU then VST2’s, but I am working and testing Cantabile with VST3 since Brad released it. Apart from some issues at the start - that were almost all resolved by Brad - the ones that I work with all work ok (Waves, Arturia, Ik-Multimedia, AAS, iZotope, Kuassa, Melda, Pianoteq, u-He, Valhalla, Voxengo, Waldorf and many more).

I am not sure if you can convert the VST2 racks easily to VST3; I would be eager to know that as well.

I tried it out with B3-X vst3 and the profiler showed less cpu usage when the instrument isn’t played. If I remember right this is part oft the vst3 specs but it was years ago when I did some programming in that regard.
With the rack states I think I’d have to make them new one by one for now but at the moment there isn’t enough time to do it for all the racks.

So far I have had success with the one I am testing (U-he-Diva) and am going to test some more including the B3-X but generally speaking the VST3 coding from some developers is the problem for a lot of DAW users from my reading not the host programs. In other words it may well depend on the manufacturer of the plugin more than it will Cantabile. I would recommend a toe in the water approach by trying a plugin you really want to use the VST3 driver, in your case B3-X. I will be testing it soon and will pipe up once I have some experience with it.