Switching preloaded setlists freezes Cantabile

Does anyone else encounter this problema? When I have a preloaded setlist loaded into Cantabile and then want to switch to another preloaded setlist (‘File’ > ‘Recent Set Lists’ > select setlist), Cantabile freezes. It does load the first song of the second setlist, and the song is playable, but Cantabile does not respond to anything else (switching songs, using the menú, etc.)

My workaround for this is to unceck the ‘File’ > ‘Set List’ > ‘Pre-load’ option and then switch to the other setlist, in which case it pre-loads fine and everything is normal, but this should not really be happening, should it?

I’m on Windows 10 Home 64 bits and Cantabile 3543.

Just tested this on the same configuration (Win 10H 64, C3 3543) with two of my large repertoire setlists (each 50-60 songs, pre-loaded). No problems switching from one to the other. It just loads the missing plugins/racks and then goes on working normally.

Have you tried narrowing things down to certain critical racks (Kontakt?). Maybe create diagnostic set lists (just half the songs, then the other half, or leave some specific songs with e.g. Kontakt racks out) and experiment with them to identify the guilty songs/racks?



I do this routinely on my setup (Win 10 x64 C3 3543), with setlists that load 100+ separate plugin instances, and it’s fine. Cantabile seems very sensible at loading only what’s not already loaded in the previous setlist, and I’ve never had any kinds of freezes.

As @Torsten says, see if you can narrow it down to certain racks/plugins. Also, could it be that one of your plugins is bringing up an authorization dialog or similar, and thus halting loading the setlist? Sometimes plugins do this, and inconveniently hide the dialog box in question behind Cantabile or some other equally unhelpful place!


UVI halts mine everytime as it goes through it’s process. At least 30-45 seconds of stall. I have seen it stall for up to 2 minutes.

Thanks, I will try your suggestions @Torsten , @Corky and @Neil_Durant to find out if there is a specific plugin(s) that is causing the freeze. I will report back if I find anything.