Switching channel routing?


I know there are limitations to this but my intentions are to setup a way to have both upper and lower manuals on one keyboard for organs. Using any plugins give me the same result. Instead of splitting a keyboard to play lower manual parts and losing a full range of keys I am experimenting with changing channels on the whole keyboard. I am using one pedal board note assigned to CC #52 to make the switch between two channels.

  1. Plugin #1 Midi Route is set to be active on channel 1 when CC #52 < 64.
  2. Plugin #2 Midi Route is set to be active on channel 2 when CC #52 > 64.

The different values of CC #52 work fine for the switch but the problem is while I’m in channel 2 and press a second pedal board note assigned to a different CC # (Leslie speed) the next keyboard notes played are reverting back to channel 1.

I’ve looked at some filters but I can’t figure out how to keep things locked on one channel depending on the value of CC #52. Ideas or suggestions anybody?

Not really following what you mean here. What do you mean by pedal board note assigned to CC?

Perhaps easiest would be to post a screen shot of the MIDI monitor at rack in vs MIDI monitor at plugin in so we can see exactly the events that are in play?

Hi @brad,

I got it sorted out. It took me awhile to figure out that a conditional route is only a temporary event. To get what I wanted I created two rack states to switch between MIDI routes. Each state is then selected using the bindings shown below.


Arg! I was wrong. :roll_eyes: That didn’t fix the problem either. I gave up on this idea and decided to just stay on the same channel and switch back and forth on upper manual presets using states and bindings.

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What you probably wanted was to advance to the Next State. You can then either use Previous State, or always move forward using cloned states. You could also set the control up as a toggle.