Switching between Midi drum loops going to EZdrummer How?

HI All ( I’m guitarist trying to setup a Backing/Jam tracks mainly drums )

I’ve tried to set up Media player to Play Midi drum loops that go into Ezdrummer cool works

but I’m doing something wrong or missing something in Catabile when i try to switch midi loop mid song ( (controlling with a midi footswtich)

I setup midi player sending to Ezdrummer but when i setup Binding my Midi footswitch to play the next or previous file the player does move to the next file but it stops playing ?

then I setup thing as 5 states each with a different Midi file loaded in each media player
and set the Binding to be change the state ( instant and Delay) both Stop when i change states ??

How can you set up midi drum loops to Keep playing on the midi changes ?

Thanks for any info =)

Hi Peter,

Sorry I missed your question before…

Cantabile is a bit limited in this regard at the moment. The media players were really designed to be used as simple backing tracks and triggerable sounds. This has come up a few times now and it’s on my list to revisit at some point - in particular a feature I’m going to call “live loop control” (see here), but also features like fast range switching, and being able to layer multiple media files together (a simple track sequencer if you like).

Unfortunately this just hasn’t reached the top of the priority list yet - but it’s getting there.

In the meantime, your best bet, depending on your needs might be a step sequencer plugin or some other kind of MIDI playback plugin. Sorry I don’t have a recommendation off-hand - hopefully someone here can point you to something?