Switch to CC with "ramped" value.... to emulate BIGSBY(ish) effect

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but…

Can a switch be mapped to output a CC that increases in value at a given rate till it reaches a maximum then, when released “ramp” down again to 0 when released.

My thinking is this… there is a hardware guitar pedal that emulates a “BIGSBY” trem arm. (https://youtu.be/LDJpjD5XQjA) … i figured that I can get a similar result by using a pitch bend vst effect (ie EFFECTOR WHAMMO 1), and setting it to say, -1 semitone displacement.
I can do this no problem with a continuous controller and it sounds quite convincing with a bit of reverb, but what I want is to do it with a switch on my FCB1010 so it will be like the bigsby pedal - note bending down when pressing and holding the footswitch and bending up again when the footswitch is released,

Obviously a switch will give a “square” output but what is needed is an increasing value when pressed and held, and the opposite when released. Some adjustment rate of curve would be great too.

I hope I’ve made myself clear in my description. Any ideas for a “work around”?


David :slight_smile:

I think you could do this with Melda’s CC Generator as it has all sorts of enveloping options. But not positive. I actually coded a switched glissando for Arduino/Tiny 85 that can do it, but I’m guessing you aren’t looking to build something… Also, if you haven’t pulled the trigger on the plugin yet, Kilohearts freebie pitch shifter is really good for this sort of thing. As for me, I have two Gretschs with Bigsby so I’m good in that department. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, Thanks for the reply… I’ll give your suggestions a try.

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I just posted a new thread related to this topic that you might find helpful:

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Thank you… I’ve already sorted the problem I was having but your VST will be very helpful for a number of things.

Thanks again