Switch racks between Live and On-line/studio?

I have a piano rack in all my songs, It runs the Pianoteq vst.

I have 2 rack states called “Grand Piano” and “Upright Piano”. Each rack state changes the preset in Pianoteq.

I then use these 2 rack states in all my songs.

How can I use the same rack state to use a different Pianoteq preset depending on if I am live or at home?

When playing Live, I want the “Grand Piano” rack state to use a preset that is Mono, with no reverb.

When playing at home, or on-line, I want the “Grand Piano” rack state to be in glorious stereo with lots of reverb. Which probably means using a different preset on PIanoteq.

I could use a different rack state, but I don’t want to have to change all the songs to use a different rack state whenever I move between locations.

I could use 2 instances of Pianoteq, one set up with live presets, and one set up with on-line presets and and then enable or disable one or other instance.

I could have 2 versions of the racks with different file names and then copy over the correct one at each location.

Any other ideas?