Switch between sounds/presets

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First, sorry for my poor language.
I’m french and unfortunately do not speak a good english…
I really need help in Cantabile Light and break my brain
for many weeks without solution. Argh!
I’m sure that what I want to do is pretty simple, but I can’t find how to do it
even if I’ve read several times the Cantabile 2 user pdf disponible on the web
and watched many, many tutorials on YT.
I have to say that I’m a really noob in the midi world and
totally lost in “programs”, “banks” and other midi notions.
So… What I’d like to do is use just a single plugin, REFX Nexus,
wich is my favourite for many sounds.
I’d like to select some sounds (presets?..), like piano, strings, max 2 or 3,
and can quickly switch between them during a song.
I’d like to do it using the on-screen keyboard of Cantabile rather than
midi assignments, for example using Alt and Down arrows of my PC keyboard.
I do not have enough midi controllers on my midi keyboard which is very basic.
If someone could explain to me, step by step if possible, how to do that,
it’ll be really very helpful to me!
So, thanks in advance and hope someone could help me.

Hi Francois and Welcome!

From what I read I think you are using Cantabile 3 Lite. Is that correct? If so then we need to know how much you have already done. If you could explain how much you have working it would help. From your description of what you would like to do I don’t think that the Lite version will do the job. You might need at least the Solo version to use the onscreen keyboard as a good MIDI controller. The Lite version does not have this capability. A good post I spotted today by Torsten Ecke gives a good summary of how to start learning the Cantabile 3 product. As he indicates, the software is like a modular synth so learning it can take a little patience. Here is a link to @Torsten’s post :

Thanks for posting :slight_smile:


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Hi guys
I’m reassured by the answer of 'Live setup suggestions": Cantabile Light can do that.
So, I’ll follow your advices and continue my Cantabile learning. I’ve seen the Brad’s vids on YT
and will give a look at the “guides” section.
Maybe I’ll post again to let you know about my progresses.
I already know how to load a plugin in project and play the sounds I want.
My problem is to “store” them, 2 or 3 classified for each songs and switch between them playing live.
So, I’ll go again searching how to do that simple thing.
Thank for answers

Hey Francois, (sorry for omitting the cedille - no french keyboard)

if you want multiple, different plugins in a song and switch between them, the best way is to create parallel routes from your keyboard to all of them and activate different routes for different song sections by using song states. Song states are like “snapshots” of your configuration, and you can step through them e.g. using a controller on your MIDI keyboard. One state for intro, another for verse 1, next for chorus. Each state allows different configurations of instrument presets and active routes, so if you have a piano and an organ plugin, the intro could be only the route to the piano active, whilst the verse has the organ active. And maybe the chorus activates both to create a cool layer effect.

You can also switch states with your keyboard: by default “P” steps to the next song state (“Part”) and “Shift-P” goes back to the previous state.

Unfortunately, Cantabile Lite doesn’t have song states (or bindings to select states from your MIDI controller), so you’ll need to spend some money. The minimum would be Cantabile Solo - it has bindings, but it doesn’t have song states, so you’ll have to fiddle a bit with assigning controllers to mute instruments and unmute others. But really, to do what you want to do, you’ll probably need to invest in Cantabile Performer.

BTW: please ignore the Cantabile 2 documents and videos - Cantabile 3 is a completely different animal; you’ll only get confused if you mix the two. Start with @brad’s videos and the guides section on the website; this will get you far enough.



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Thank you very much, Torsten.
You’re right.Cantabile 2 PDF did not help me so much to understand how to function in my Cantabile Lite version. So, I forget it.
I’ll return to the Brad’s tutorials on YT, (maybe with subtitles…) and study the guides disponibles on the forum.
As you say, maybe the better solution for me is to invest in Cantabile Performer. I’ll think of it.
Thanks everybody for helping!