Swapping out one NanoKontrol for another?

I have just got a Korg NanoKontrol Studio (currently using a Nanokontrol 2) and I want to ask if there is some way I can swap out these so I can start using the Studio without having to re-program all those songs, background rack and global settings?

No-one has any ideas on this? A search also reveals nothing

I have a NanoKontrol 2. I wanted to keep it at defaults so I could just reset it in emergencies (one less moving part) but after trying to re-map everything in Cantabile and not quite getting there I ended up using Korg Kontrol Editor Korg Kontrol Editor

EDIT - you probably already know that you can edit the NanoKontrol, you probably need to abstract the Kontrol using input racks etc. I haven’t converted over to that but I bet when I do I can put the NanoKontrol back to defaults and use Cantabile to re-map everything.

Thanks. Yeah I know about and use the editor. This is more so that previously programmed songs that use the older unit will automatically see and use the new model, assuming I set it up the same way where possible.

If it can’t be done I’ll just need to re-do songs I guess haha!