Sustain pedal holding through state change

Held notes are handled brilliantly through state changes. eg when a route is disabled in the change the notes hold until you release the keys.
However, I’m using a separate pedal controller as a sustain pedal.
I’ve found that these sustain messages are not handled the same as notes.
If I want the pedal release to be registered I need to keep its route enabled through the state change.
Is this normal behaviour or am I missing a trick (wouldn’t be the first time).

Hi Neil,

You could try filtering the Sustain pedal from the routes and use a binding for the pedal. That way it would be independent of the note routes. I set my routes to Notes Only in the the route control panel and use bindings for any controllers I may need on the song. Sustain etc …


That would certainly keep my routes a lot cleaner.
I’ll give it a go. I can’t see any side-effects from sending cc64 to plugins all the time but I’d have to take more care with other cc messages. For complex songs I’d probably have to have binding enabled and disabled for different song states.