Sustain Pedal Binding / Midi Filter with a USB-Footswitch? [solved]


Hi all,

Until now I am using the “normal” sustain pedals plugin my keyboards and connecting via midi to my Laptop/Audio Interface.
Additionally I use a analog Volume Pedal between Laptop and Mixer.

I am know try to reduce/optimize all my cables.
One Idea to buy a Line6 FBV Express MKII and use the switches for Sustain and the expression pedal for Master Volume.
Is it possible to use the switches?

Before I buy I tried to test with a Midi Pad Button to set binding or Midi Filter to simulate the CC64 sustain.
Push the Pad and then have the sustain. But I can’t get it to work.
Hope I write it understandable… :wink:

Thanks a lot for helping!



Hi Dominik,

Can you show a picture of the binding you tried? It may help us troubleshoot it.




Hi Dave…

the problem is i couldn’t find a binding or midi filter for that.
My goal is to assign a midi message to a keyboard an not to a PlugIn.

Mean: I choose Keyboard one (e.g.the upper one) in a song and the associated footswitch send a CC64 command (e.g.) to the “Input Ports” Keyboard in Cantabile. Like the Sustain Pedal is plug in the keyboard itself.


Ok Dominik, I think I get the idea. There a few ways to do this, I will show the one using a midi filter on the route. You need to know the MIDI CC number being sent by your test pad so if you do not know it you can use the midi monitor on that route to get the number. Once you know the CC number then open the midi filter for the route and try this Controller Map filter setup. My example uses CC 15 as what the test pad sends …



Hi Dave…

yeeees. It works… Perfect!

Thank you so much for your quick help!!!

Now I am going to buy the footswitch :wink:



Good news Dominik, hope you enjoy your pedal!