Sustain cutting off

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I have two keyboards. One is playing Kontakt. The other is playing a split between Legend and Fabfilter Twin.

I want to hold the chord I’m playing on Twin while I trigger Kontakt.

When I press the sustain pedal Twin holds as I’d expect, but after a few notes, either in the split area, or on the other keyboard, Twin stops playing as if I’ve lifted the sustain pedal.

Driving me nuts, this one!

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This is still happening. Any ideas?

Yep - I’ve had similar experiences both with FabFilter Twin as well as with u-he Hive - they seem to be a bit erratic in their Sustain pedal implementation. To date I haven’t found a solution to make them play nice, so I’ve moved away from those two for any sounds that require a well-functioning sustain pedal.



Hmmmm. Haven’t experienced this. Wonder if “Sticky note (chord)” feature would provide a workaround?

And still happening…