Sustain cutting off

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I have two keyboards. One is playing Kontakt. The other is playing a split between Legend and Fabfilter Twin.

I want to hold the chord I’m playing on Twin while I trigger Kontakt.

When I press the sustain pedal Twin holds as I’d expect, but after a few notes, either in the split area, or on the other keyboard, Twin stops playing as if I’ve lifted the sustain pedal.

Driving me nuts, this one!


This is still happening. Any ideas?


Yep - I’ve had similar experiences both with FabFilter Twin as well as with u-he Hive - they seem to be a bit erratic in their Sustain pedal implementation. To date I haven’t found a solution to make them play nice, so I’ve moved away from those two for any sounds that require a well-functioning sustain pedal.




Hmmmm. Haven’t experienced this. Wonder if “Sticky note (chord)” feature would provide a workaround?


And still happening…