Surely false information like this should be illegal?

It’s not current or accurate in some cases so I guess it’s old and not kept up that well. They need to take another look and update the chart IMO.


I’m glad someone else has reacted to this comparison. I’m never impressed when I see sales-based charts that are biased, skewed or simply false. Brad must be a very mild-mannered person.

For the record, Gig Performer was the front runner when I was looking for a solution: Mac and PC, useful additions such as configurable mixers etc as well as keen pricing. Cantabile however won me over with its better performance, reliability and depth (when you delve deeper).


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EvilDragon suggested I invest in RME. Now I have 4 RME interfaces.

EvilDragon suggested I go with Cantabile. Thank heavens …


Agree on RME - I’ve been using their interfaces since the days of the Hammerfall Multiface. I tried a MOTU once, but came back to RME for the hassle-free operation and driver support.

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That gig performer comparison was like the Sunday Morning comics included in the Sunday paper. In color! That was funny!