Suppress program change during playback


I’m thinking about switching my songs via Setlist maker. However, I don’t want a song to be switched while a track is playing. Does anyone have a solution?


There’s nothing built in to Cantabile for this. Is this something others would find useful?


What is setlist maker?


It’s an Android / iOS songbook app that helps you manage your song lyrics / chords and setlists. It’s a bit broader in scope than LivePrompter - displays PDF, plays backing tracks and video as well, networks multiple devices to follow a lead device, etc.

Pretty powerful, I’ll readily admit - I just didn’t like the handling for my core requirement (teleprompting for live usage), that’s why I built LivePrompter. But Set List Maker seems to have a pretty broad following.

It’s also got a “bigger brother” - BandHelper. That’s the all-singing, all-dancing app that aside from managing your songs and lyrics/chords does everything for the gigging musician, including scheduling, finance and stage plots - but it doesn’t brew coffee :coffee:




Been using setlist maker quite a long time…up until I learned how to use C3 as lyrics prompter on show notes. I just didn’t want another tablet to keep up with and keep charged. I still take my tablet on gigs with me as a backup “in case”, but never used it yet. I really like Torstens Live Prompter, and have used it in the past. Just didn’t want to fiddle with a tablet if I didn’t have to.


I find the function “show notes” in cantabile very useful. But I need the sheets right in front of me. My notebook is on the side of me and I don’t want to have it right in front of me. For Torsten’s app I would need another Windows tablet, right? Or is someone using Cantabile and Torsten’s software together on a laptop?


Coffee is not the problem, though. It does not server beer!!!


Hi Steffen,

you can run LivePrompter and Cantabile together on one machine; simply connect them via a virtual MIDI port like loopMIDI, then you can link them together quite nicely:

  • control LivePrompter scrolling via MIDI keys through Cantabile bindings
  • select Cantabile setlist entries from LivePrompter or select LivePrompter songs from Cantabile (either way is doable)

LivePrompter can run in “windowed” mode instead of full-screen - its lyrics window is in “always on top” mode, so it can sit wherever you want it to be. On my studio PC, I have it sized so it covers the Show Notes area of Cantabile - looks like LivePrompter is part of Cantabile now :wink:

But if your laptop sits on the side (like mine), you still have two options:

  • get a cheap Windows tablet (I’d still recommend going for one with an IPS display - far broader viewing angle). You can then link Cantabile and LivePrompter via wifi (rtpMIDI by Tobias Erichsen works nicely) or (my newer solution) via an iConnect MIDI interface which allows to plug in both your laptop and your tablet and send MIDI back and forth between them.

  • get a small external monitor (e.g. from beetronics) for your laptop as a second screen and run Cantabile on your second screen. But given that these monitors are not too cheap and you can get a decent Windows tablet for around 200 Euros, it might be better to go the tablet route. And usually lyrics / chords are more useful in landscape view, which external monitors usually don’t allow.

So, TL;DR: even if it is possible to run LivePrompter on your Cantabile laptop, you’d probably be better off with a separate tablet.




Hello, Torsten.
Thank you for your detailed description! I already use both LoopMidi and rtpMidi, together with an iPad and Iphone with SetListMaker and ToucOSC to remotely control Cantabile. I will take a look at “LivePrompter” and test it.
Thanks for your program “LivePrompter”!
Best regards


Hey @Wurlitzer,

just found a new solution to run LivePrompter on a separate screen with your Cantabile laptop: see this thread!

Just tested this on my studio PC - works great! So if you want to use your iPad to display LivePrompter, you only need to buy the Duet app for 17 EUR - and you need a long enough USB to lightning cable.




I just found this app through another means, and I can say YES!!! Now I have touchscreen C3 on my non touch Lenovo!! Low latency, awesome app. Duet Display rocks!