Suppress plug in windows during performance

Is there a global setting to suppress all plug in windows? When I’m setting up sounds the plug in windows are required, but when performing they are a distraction/hindrance, and I’d love to find a way to suppress them.

This is especially problematic as I often used two monitors when setting up the sounds, but live I just use the display on my laptop. If the song with a plugin window is in the second display, it may not appear on the laptop, or may appear in a way that makes it harder to close (e.g., resolution or where the title bar is above the screen).


So far if I save a song with no Windows open then they do not reopen. Just open them when you need to edit

What you are describing sounds like what i use Live mode for. Basically, you get an alternate definable screen layout. My “normal” i.e. development layout includes all the plugins, routes, etc. - but switch to Live mode and it’s just Show Notes and the ticker bar to select the next song.

Not sure if that’s what you are asking, but I hope it’s helpful.
– Jimbo