Suppress plug in windows during performance [RESOLVED]

Is there a global setting to suppress all plug in windows? When I’m setting up sounds the plug in windows are required, but when performing they are a distraction/hindrance, and I’d love to find a way to suppress them.

This is especially problematic as I often used two monitors when setting up the sounds, but live I just use the display on my laptop. If the song with a plugin window is in the second display, it may not appear on the laptop, or may appear in a way that makes it harder to close (e.g., resolution or where the title bar is above the screen).


So far if I save a song with no Windows open then they do not reopen. Just open them when you need to edit

What you are describing sounds like what i use Live mode for. Basically, you get an alternate definable screen layout. My “normal” i.e. development layout includes all the plugins, routes, etc. - but switch to Live mode and it’s just Show Notes and the ticker bar to select the next song.

Not sure if that’s what you are asking, but I hope it’s helpful.
– Jimbo

Raising this again -

Here’s what I’m doing, but the changes aren’t sticking:

  1. Open the song that has the plugin editor
  2. Open the Linked Rack with that plugin.
  3. The plugin window opens
  4. Close the plugin window
  5. Save the song (Ctrl-S)
  6. Open a different song.
  7. Re-open the offending song
  8. The plugin window opens again

What am I doing wrong? I even try to change something about the song, but the editor window still opens.

You may need to save the rack, but then that change will stick with every instance of that linked rack. Also, if using states you may have to update each state, or alternatively set visibility to be independent of the state. And also, if the state is locked you will need to update the state (CTRL-U does the trick). Hope that helps you.

It appears that the rack was locked, and when I tried to save it, it didn’t save.

Issue resolved (and another dumbass attack in the books for me :slight_smile: ).

Great that you got it sorted out - and there is a reason why it was rather easy to come up with a qualified guess at the root cause to your problems, and that is that most of us have tried the same quite a few times. And also tried the opposite, to change a state unintentionally because we forgot to lock it …

Sometimes with great flexibility comes great confusion.